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(Permalink) Posted: Dec. 26 2008,19:26   

Quote (sledgehammer @ Dec. 26 2008,13:27)
Remember, what is said here is the same as if it was posted on UD, 'cause UNCLE CLIVE IS LISTENING!

It's not quite the same, because posts here don't get censored.

Clive, since we know you're listening, show the intellectual integrity to ponder that point, just for a moment.  Why is it that UD cannot tolerate even the mildest dissent?  Could it be because there is no scientific theory of intelligent design, it explains no empirical observations, and makes no predictions that can distinguish it from modern evolutionary theory in any way?  No, no, it must be an evil conspiracy.

By banning Rib without addressing any of his points, you've shown that you know, deep down in that same dark part of your mind where you keep those racy visions of Ann Coulter bottled up for when you can't get back to sleep at 3:00 in the morning, that ID is, hmm, what's a good description . . . oh yeah, scientifically vacuous.

Want to prove otherwise?  Take your arguments to a forum where you can't silence your critics when they make you uncomfortable.  Davey lacks the balls to do so and I suspect you are equally intellectually impotent.

Damn but your willful ignorance combined with unfounded arrogance is annoying.  Don't mistake that annoyance at your behavior for anything other than the natural inclination to want to give a bitch a well deserved slap.  You've got nothing.

Edited to add:  "Bitch" here is used in the colloquial sense of Davey's relationship to Dembski, not as a validation of the term as used by males like Davey who lack the self-confidence to deal with women as equals.

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