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Quote (someotherguy @ Dec. 26 2008,14:04)
My, my, but it's been a while.  Due to a very hectic schedule  and an all-consuming obsession with the Presidential Election, I haven't visited AtBC in slightly over a year (prior to that, I'd mostly been a lurker).  But I've recently found some down time, which, having absolutely nothing better to do, I used to read through this thread in its entirety.  It sure has been a good year for TARD, but I think I may now need a drink (or several)!

My favorite tardalicious event was when Dembski nonchalantly retired the EF (which DaveScot agreed was an excellent idea) and then, for reasons related only to his ego, brought it back from the grave (which DaveScot agreed was an excellent idea).  Primo stuff, there.

Since this is the time for retrospection, what were y'all's favorite UD moments of zen tard in 2008?

Welcome back!  I was big into Backing Barack , and Pounding Palin too, but evidently I got back here before you did.

Coincidently, or maybe not, my Tard Of The Year Vote goes out to DaveScott too, only I'm picking his BackingThe Wrong Horse Moment... and his Hussein Hissy Fit.

Got to give Ole Davey credit - He was wrong about Dover, wrong about Obama - and I am sure, the Good Tard Willing, that he will be wrong about a lot of things this upcoming year too.

I hope he's picking Houston to win on Sunday.

Come on Tough Guy, do the little dance of ID impotence you do so well. - Louis to Joe G 2/10

Gullibility is not a virtue - Quidam on Dembski's belief in the Bible Code Faith Healers & ID 7/08

UD is an Unnatural Douchemagnet. - richardthughes 7/11

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