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Quote (dnmlthr @ Dec. 25 2008,12:06)
Quote (Lou FCD @ Dec. 25 2008,18:03)
I have to admit, I'd never realized just what a pompous ass KF really is...

...mostly because I've never wasted the time to read his pompous crap.

You and me both. He/she seems to be the kind of person that replies to a yes or no question with a 2000+ word essay.

Does anybody remember a guy who used to haunt the usenet religion threads about fifteen years ago whose last name was Winter?  He was a Christian who, among other things, denied the Trinity, which raised a few objections on the Christian threads.  To "answer" his critics, he had about a million words of blather stored on his hard drive which he would cut and paste into fantastically long posts that make kf look like a piker.

That was in the 2400 baud days and I could just about keep up reading that speed, so I'd let the messages scroll and just read them on the fly.  You could always tell when one of Winter's messages was coming up because suddenly this solid block of text would start to rise from the bottom of your screen, like some submarine behemoth rising to lay waste to the world.  The sentences filled the entire screen, from left to right, with no paragraphs, indentations or other breaks.  Page after page of English-like sentences that made about as much sense as kf.

The overall effect was kf^2 or maybe even kf^3.  I think he was eventually banned from just about every thread in usenet.  kf may be his little brother.  Somebody ask him if his last name used to be Winter.  And if not, demand to know why.

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