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allanius resorts to an argument from authority:
And will you ripple your brawny muscles at Kant as well, Noted Scholar, when he says that the study of origins lies outside the realm of science because origins cannot be observed? Would it be too much to ask you to descend from Olympus and demonstrate to us benighted souls at UD that you understand the historical conflict between theory and empirical science?

Philosophers, even great ones, can be spectacularly wrong. Auguste Comte wrote in 1835 something similar about astronomy:
On the subject of stars, all investigations which are not ultimately reducible to simple visual observations are ... necessarily denied to us. While we can conceive of the possibility of determining their shapes, their sizes, and their motions, we shall never be able by any means to study their chemical composition or their mineralogical structure ... Our knowledge concerning their gaseous envelopes is necessarily limited to their existence, size ... and refractive power, we shall not at all be able to determine their chemical composition or even their density... I regard any notion concerning the true mean temperature of the various stars as forever denied to us.

We know how that turned out.

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