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Try to say something nice about Dr. Dr. D.???????  That is a challenge.

Let's see.  

(About half an hour....)
No, I've really got nothing.

It's tragic that he feels he has to turn his back on the Enlightenment in order to support his religious beliefs.  It's near-criminal that he can't just go off and indulge in his superstitious beliefs as a matter of private eccentricity, but has to try to drag the rest of us into a replacement Endarkenment.  It's comic / horrifying that someone who has the smarts to get two Ph.D.s can be so stupid as to engage in large-scale denial of science just because it conflicts with his superstitions.

How about this? -  He couldn't possibly be more deserving of his followers.

IDists in general these days are just too pitiful even to rise to the level of being contemptible.

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