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The whole truth

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Quote (Cubist @ Nov. 12 2012,14:01)
Quote (The whole truth @ Nov. 12 2012,09:49)
Quote (Quack @ Nov. 12 2012,05:47)
Aaah, and our old friend the double Snelling...

I'm not familiar with Snelling. It sounds like you've encountered him/her before.

Andrew Snelling is a big name in Young-Earth Creationism who is noted for his 'double life'—on the one hand, he is the Editor in Chief of the Creationist magazine Answers Reseach Journal (which seems to have only one editor…); on the other hand, he has published a number of real scientific papers in the field of geology, papers which make just as much use of the standard millions-of-years timescale as do papers written by any real geologist.

It appears that Snelling has no problem with selling his "nepesh" (soul) to keep the paychecks coming in.

If he actually believes scientifically acceptable time scales and associated data he's willfully lying when he preaches the YEC stuff, and if he actually believes the YEC stuff he's willfully lying when he writes up or otherwise disseminates the scientifically acceptable time scales and associated data.

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