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Good review. I read through the book back when Amazon offered it free for the Kindle. UD announced this, but I think I was the only UD poster to download and read it.

I made a few of the larger points at the time, that Shapiro seems to flirt with the language of intelligent design, but he is not technically incompetent. Perhaps he is a theistic evolutionist, or perhaps he just think he can sell more books if it is controversial. I do not understand his motives.

His current moment of infamy is saying nice things to Upright Biped on HuffPo.

Perhaps "evolvability" will be the 21st century buzzword, and Shapiro would like to be known as the creator of the phrase "natural genetic engineering."

On a completely speculative note, I think about this stuff when I hear the phrase "search for a search." It seems likely to me that four billion years of evolution have found more efficient and powerful methods of producing variations than the weasel algorithm.

Any version of ID consistent with all the evidence is indistinguishable from evolution.

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