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Quote (midwifetoad @ Aug. 23 2012,11:14)
The neural net would be the population. In the simplest view, what gets selected is associations. In the behaviorist model what gets selected is tendencies to do specific things in specific contexts.

In a physiological †view, each neuron must have something equivalent to genes, a storage system that determines its contextual responses. Something that can vary and also store.

Where's febble?

So in this analogy, the population is the set of neurons, the individual is the neuron and the gene is some stable aspect of the neuron, like excitation threshold.

What is not captured is the connectivity, and in learning it is the strength of these connections that varies.

So I'm still not seeing evolution as a good analogy to learning, or vice versa.

Iím referring to evolution, not changes in allele frequencies. - Cornelius Hunter
Iím not an evolutionist, Iím a change in allele frequentist! - Nakashima

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