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Quote (midwifetoad @ Aug. 17 2012,14:10)
I have Italian Greyhounds, and the cat is heavier than both of them together. The cat wants to be friends, but the dogs are justifiably terrified.
Cats have more and better weapons. Dogs have to expose their faces to attack, and cats don't. Satan is the better designer.

My experience is that white cats are pussycats. The yellow cat, now deceased had several names. Yellow Peril, Attila, Dr. Evil. The hand that reached out to him would not be returned in it's original condition.

The white cat I referred to hated everyone and everything except me and my mom.  At least one of my mom's boyfriends was chased out of the house by the cat.

When she was 16, a friend of mine came over and we were watching a movie.  She crawled into his lap and went to sleep.  He was scared to touch her.

She never left our house for 17 years, then she decided to go on walkabouts.  She'd leave for about two weeks, then come back to get fed and cleaned up.  She kept that up for two years before a dump truck killed her.  I now joke that it was the only thing big enough to.

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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