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Four Independent Mutations in the Feline Fibroblast Growth Factor 5 Gene Determine the Long-Haired Phenotype in Domestic Cats

Here's a good that will blow creationists minds.

Mutation 1: 3 unrelated Ragdoll cats contained an insertion mutation.  The frameshift created an early stop codon rendering the FGF5 incorrect.  All three Ragdolls were long hair, no short-hair cats had this mutation

Mutation 2: Only Norwegian Forest cats had this mutation.  It's a substitution (C to a T @ 406).  Somehow (and the article isn't specific) this results in a premature stop codon.  3 of 4 Norwegian Forest cats were homozygous for this mutation.  The 4th cat was heterozygous for this mutation and number 4 below.  Again, the result is long hair.

Mutation 3: 1 ragdoll and 3 Maine Coon cats had this mutation.  This is "extensive nonsynonymous substitutions" rendering FGF5 nonfunctional.  1 Coon cat was homozygous for this mutation, while the other 3 long-hairs were heterozygous for this and for mutation 4.

Mutation 4: point mutation (A to C @ 475), resulting in the substitution of a threonine with proline .  The majority of long-hair cats were homozygous for this mutation.  Five short-hair breeds (British Shorthair, Devon Rex, Manx, and 2 Scottish folds) were heterozygous carriers.  No short-hair breeds were homozygous for this mutation.

OK IDists.  There are 4 mutations, two of which are point mutations (no change in the length of the gene) and another one is an insertion (increasing the length of the gene).  However, all of these changes result in a protein that doesn't work.  However (again), these mutations result in a significant advantage, that is long-hair, in certain circumstances.

Now define information and how an increase in the length of the gene and an increase in the length of the hair equals a loss of information.

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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