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Reconstruction of the thermodynamic inversion. The biological evolution proceeds in the thermody-
namic direction opposite to the evolution of non-biological natural systems: free energy and information
accumulate in biological systems, while entropy exports outside. How might the inversion of thermody-
namic trend occur during the prebiotic microsystems transition into primary living units? The author's
reconstruction of this process is represented in Fig. 1. The picture shows the inversion of balance `free
energy contribution/entropy contribution'. The oscillating prebiotic microsystem is characterized by an
exchange of energy and matter with the outside world; a tendency to dichotomy; continuous reactions
resulted in free energy accumulation and preservation (Fig. 1 A). Changes in the outside world stress the
microsystem, provoking a release of preserved free energy. As a result, the total of internal and external
energy contributions prevails over dissipation (Fig. 1 B). The resulted direction of free energy
ow reverses from the external to internal one (Fig. 1C). In this way, the microsystem undergoes thermodynamic
inversion, importing free energy and exporting entropy (Fig. 1D).

Something for the entropy guys.

Via News, although she didn't link to the pdf.

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Any version of ID consistent with all the evidence is indistinguishable from evolution.

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