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(Permalink) Posted: June 28 2012,16:33

Cross genome comparison of fungal species, pointing to the evolution of lignin enzyme activity as the event that shut down the Carboniferous period.

Basically, plants evolved lignin to help grow taller and out-compete each other for sunlight. But lignin is a very large, complex molecule, and nothing could break it down. So dead plant material just piled up - these are the coal beds we use today for fuel.

And it all would have continued to pile up, except that white rot fungi evolved enzymes to break the stuff down.

The article is just covered with the "E" word... Cornelius Hunter must be shaking, shaking with rage at the fundamentalist metaphysical assumptions on display.

Iím referring to evolution, not changes in allele frequencies. - Cornelius Hunter
Iím not an evolutionist, Iím a change in allele frequentist! - Nakashima

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