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Quote (sledgehammer @ May 12 2012,21:31)
Quote (dvunkannon @ May 12 2012,13:54)
10^14 free floating planets per galaxy, harboring life??

Sir Fred Hoyle is popular with the ID crowd for his "tornado in a junkyard" phrase, and the implied fine tuning argument in the stellar nucleo-synthesis of carbon that supposedly made him a Deist.

His panspermia ideas, not so much.

Here, Hoyle's longtime collaborator continues to work on the panspermia concept, hypothesizing that a huge number of free floating planets formed early in the life of the universe. These planets could host life, and as they transit through solar systems could be responsible for mixing the biological component of the entire galaxy.

Of course, all this has done is push back the difficulty of the origin of life question to a remote time and place in the universe.

True that, but it could also more than double the time available for OOL, and provide more options for chemical environments and energy sources.

I only looked at the abstract, but it seems that he assumes life will form on mostly hydrogen planets. This life will survive the process of the hydrogen being stripped away over long ages. The left over rocky planets will then have sufficient probability of collision with solar system debris during transits to exchange biological material.

It seems to be a tottering pile of hypotheses.

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