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Timothy McDougald

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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 29 2012,15:57   

Quote (Kristine @ Mar. 29 2012,14:19)
Via Inside Higher Ed: Study Tracks Erosion of Conservative Confidence in Science.

Surprise, surprise, it's not really evolution, but their own selfishness - they like what butters their bread, but hate what may give their adult children bread (e.g., government regulation on emissions).

This is why the FTK-Luskin argument that "we have more kids than you Darwinists, therefore we'll win" is ridiculous. Reality will cram the "global climate change hoax" (and enforced vaccination) down their children's throats.

The article Inside Higher Education is talking about is open access and is available here for those who are interested...

Church burning ebola boy

FTK: I Didn't answer your questions because it beats the hell out of me.

PaV: I suppose for me to be pried away from what I do to focus long and hard on that particular problem would take, quite honestly, hundreds of thousands of dollars to begin to pique my interest.

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