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Tara Smith cans has teh famous - Aetiology made JASIST! *Whoop!* (I hear a chorus: "Jasist? What's that?")

"Scholarly hyperwriting: The function of links in academic weblogs"
María José Luzón, University of Zaragoza, Centro Politécnico Superior, Department of English and German Philology, c/María de Luna 3, 50018 Zaragoza, Spain
Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, Volume 60, Issue 1, Pages 75-89

Weblogs are gaining momentum as one of most versatile tools for online scholarly communication. Since academic weblogs tend to be used by scholars to position themselves in a disciplinary blogging community, links are essential to their construction. The aim of this article is to analyze the reasons for linking in academic weblogs and to determine how links are used for distribution of information, collaborative construction of knowledge, and construction of the blog's and the blogger's identity. For this purpose I analyzed types of links in 15 academic blogs, considering both sidebar links and in-post links. The results show that links are strategically used by academic bloggers for several purposes, among others to seek their place in a disciplinary community, to engage in hypertext conversations for collaborative construction of knowledge, to organize information in the blog, to publicize their research, to enhance the blog's visibility, and to optimize blog entries and the blog itself.

Aetiology was one of the blogs examined, and really, the article doesn't tell you anything you don't already know. (This is in the "Why didn't I know that they didn't know about this so I could have written it, arg!" category.)

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