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(Permalink) Posted: Dec. 19 2008,11:12   

Quote (ppb @ Dec. 19 2008,09:12)
We are developing the capability to study the chemical composition of the atmospheres of extrasolar planets.

Hubble finds carbon dioxide on an extrasolar planet

When I first took up astronomy as a hobby in the late 60's our knowledge of the planets in our own solar system was still limited.  Now we can study the atmosphere of planets orbiting other stars many light-years away.

It may not be long before we detect signs of life on earth-like planets.

Yes, I was listening to a very good podcast on it yesterday, though I don't recall if it was Are We Alone, or Science Update, or maybe the Astronomy Update from Universe Today. It had been a while since I'd been able to listen to many of them at once, so they had piled up. They all sort of ran together after a few hours yesterday, so ...

It was one of those.

....unless it was another science podcast.


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