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I've been meaning to do this for a while, but always manage to get sidetracked.

Long, long ago, before I took on the mantle of the man with the mop, I posted little interesting science bits that I'd come across in my travels about the web.  I'd give them their own threads, and sometimes they'd get some commentary and discussion, sometimes not.

Then I took to just posting them on the BW, to save from a bunch of empty threads, but then they just sort of got lost or buried amongst a big dump of trolling from PT or random matches of Mornington Crescent, or Ftk backwash or random silliness.

I'm starting this thread as a place for us all to just post links to Just Cool Science articles upon which we happen, and on which discussion may or may not take place.

It'll be nice to have a place for the occasional break from the TARD mines right here in our communal living room.

To that end, let me christen the thread with this from LiveScience:

Sexy People Sound Better
By Greg Soltis, LiveScience Staff
posted: 16 July 2008 06:54 am ET

People with voices deemed sexy and attractive tend to have greater body symmetry upon close inspection, suggesting that what we hear in a person can greatly affect what we see in them.

"The sound of a person's voice reveals a considerable amount of biological information," said Susan Hughes, an evolutionary psychologist from Albright College in Reading, Pa. "It can reflect the mate value of a person."

Hughes, whose new study is detailed in the June 2008 edition of the Journal of Nonverbal Behavior, cautions that an attractive voice does not necessarily indicate that this person has an attractive face.

More at the link.

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