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Quote (keiths @ July 16 2008,06:36)
Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ July 15 2008,18:26)
Strip out the ID bullshit and what we are really detecting is human activity. We can detect human activity, past and present, because we are intimately familiar with human activity and its characteristics. The analogy to ID fails because we know nothing whatsoever about the purported "designer" or it's characteristics.

Simple as that.

Oh yeah?  Well, what if humans are made in the image of teh Designer designer?  Then His his designs would resemble our own and we could detect them, couldn't we?

What do you say now, Mr. Smarty Pants?

I'm sure Bill will come up with a vastly more erudite and complete answer than I will but I'll have a quick stab at one answer for you:

Follow the reasoning:

Axiom 1: We can detect human design because we are intimately familiar with human activity and characteristics.
Axiom 2: Humans were made in the image of Teh Unspecificaterised Telic Entity.
Proposition 1: From Axioms 1 and 2 we can therefore state that we should be able to detect the work of Teh Unspecificaterised Telic Entity as it is similar to that of humans.

However, taking further data into account:

1) Teh Unspecificaterised Telic Entity is much better than we lowly humans and its designs be gooooooood.


2) Examples of design that are not only sub optimal but actually worse than what a human would design serve as disconfirmation of Axiom 2.


A human designer would never have put the testicles on the outside, within kicking distance. The testicles are on the outside well within the reach of a hobnailed boot.


Axiom 2 is false. Or at least needs modification to "Teh Unspecificaterised Telic Entity is a woman, and a mean one at that." In which case we should expect that the design of the universe changes roughly every twenty eight days for roughly 4 days or so to an environment specifically hostile to male H. sapiens. One that can inexplicably be made less hostile with Haagen Dazs.

Quod erat demonstratum.


P.S. Just in case some ID loon thinks I'm entirely serious, I'm not. The above is at least mildly tongue in cheek.


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