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Timothy McDougald

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(Permalink) Posted: July 15 2008,21:49   

I would be surprised if FTK showed up and had a go at the question. For FTK to discuss anything she needs to be able to swipe it from the works of others (Brown, Luskin, Dembski, etc). Problem is, other than to make a few vague analogies, IDists have been surprisingly mute on the subject. I expect stevestory is right when he questions the value of a separate thread. A hominin can still hope though...

Church burning ebola boy

FTK: I Didn't answer your questions because it beats the hell out of me.

PaV: I suppose for me to be pried away from what I do to focus long and hard on that particular problem would take, quite honestly, hundreds of thousands of dollars to begin to pique my interest.

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