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Quote (Dr.GH @ July 12 2008,17:40)
Does that distain allow you to disrupt a religious observance?  Does that distain allow you to take church property?

My comments above concern blasphemy and desecration in general, and not just the desecration of communion wafers.  There are plenty of instances of blasphemy, such as the case of the Danish cartoonists, where property doesn't figure into the issue in the slightest.

Second, as others have already pointed out, to walk out of a Catholic church with an uneaten communion wafer hardly amounts to  "disrupting a religious observance."  Nor does the actual act of desecration.  As for whether the former constitutes theft, I'll leave that to people who know more about the law than I do.  Either way, it's clear that Catholics are not upset about the purported theft per se -- they wouldn't be this worked up over someone stealing a few paperclips from the bishop's office, after all. They're upset about the desecration that follows the "theft".  If it were somehow possible for PZ to buy his own pre-consecrated wafers before desecrating them, Catholics would be just as upset at the desecration.
Let's imagine that there is a child's birthday party in a public park- The family is deeply religious and they have their eyes closed in prayer.  You are more wise than they are and so you dump the birthday cake on the ground.

As others have already explained, that scenario bears absolutely no resemblance to the act of walking out of church with an uneaten communion wafer.  To produce an equivalent disruption, you'd have to bust into Mass and dump the wine and wafers on the floor before storming back out.

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