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(Permalink) Posted: April 13 2009,21:42

just turned on a little forum to try to catalog some wingnuttery.
From the blog I started last year:

This is how it works.The amount of tard available on the internet is increasing at an exponential rate and we need people to document it, comment on it, mock it, love it, compassionately embrace it and use it for nefarious or noble purposes. It’s too big of a job for just one guy. I’m actively seeking recruits to help me root out tard wherever it may pop up. Not just root it out but follow it around, study it, analyze it and encourage friends neighbors and those above the legal tard viewing ages to comment on it.

This is a difficult and dangerous assignment and I want to make sure any volunteers fully understand the risks. We will be examining tard across the political spectrum, tard from the most fecally polluted religious sources, tard from popular culture and business-in short, we are undertaking a monumental cataloging of the ridiculousness of the human race as recorded on the various hard-drives across the fiber optic neural pathways of the internet.

If you want to assist in this venture, please let me know by leaving a comment below. I will set you up as a contributor in your chosen field of expertise.

Moderation of comments will be kept to a minimum due to the potential for serendipitous tard should a target wish to offer a rebuttal. Should we discover that one of our ranks has committed the tard inadvertently, we will acknowledge that tard in a special place with a special award.

Are you with me? or are you with the tard?

I wish I had coined the word “wingnuttosphere” , unfortunately is has been used before.

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Regardless, I hope to at least move the term into mainstream modern parlance. As the examples of the previous posts demonstrate, there are members of the lunatic fringe who manage to put together coherent sentences and organized thoughts (aside from being often bizarrely wrong). These people, at present, we have one William Dembski, a petulant PhD. with a penchant for screaming tard, a certain Ray Comfort who holds up a banana and points out how wonderful the perfectly the hand is built for self-pleasuring. This in an argument for the existence of God. And we have seen the movie “expelled: No intelligence Allowed” which really needs no further explanation as to its own ridiculousness.

The interesting thing about this particular wingnuttery, is that a small but vocal group of human beings identify with the material and take up the cause. Those people feed on the effluent produced at the nodes of lunatic fringe. The ideas, rantings, ravings, unbelievable numbnuttery and sheer bokersness of the originators of wingnuttery, are usually directly contrary to observed reality. The Dembskis, Comforts and propaganda “documentary” makers of the world stand up, back straight to the gale, staring the blot of reality straight in the face and proclaim, “Reality! Begone ye pesky spot! Out! Out damn spot, out I say! I do not believe in you!”

Which makes it all the more fascinating that they find people willing to take up their banner.

But do not make the mistake that wingnuttery is confined to the Christian Conservative movement in the United States. On the contrary, it is found at the edges of any idea. Environmentalism, economics, left-wing, right-wing, the wing stands for wingnut. And to all who believe so strongly in theiir convictions that they feel justified in discarding reality, being economical with the truth, flying into rages at those who would dare oppose your most perfect truth, to those people I say this:

You are absolutely fascinating. How can you manage to do it so consistently?

And, I will be quoting you so you might want to consider your statements.

Yeah. That’ll happen.


Who said that ev'ry wish would be heard and answered
When wished on the morning star
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Look what it's done so far

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