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First, Thanks Erasmus for the Dembski post.
Second, Still looking for authors. If you have any ideas, or want to be an author, please let me know.

third: I'm just crossposting the wingnut post here because it's just frickin good tard. Maybe it should be in the expelled thread but it's really about a wingnut. And, That is, after all, what this thread is about.

Actually, Lou, could you retitle the thread to Wingnuts?

belief in the face of reality
Wingnuttery may, in its most basic form, boil down to believing something that evidence refutes, and making it a personal mission to spread that erronious belief. Religious wingnuts dominate the news at present due to effects of the current movie, “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” bringing them up out of their bomb shelters.

Today’s wingnut, Bob Ellis, posting an article called Dawkins the Firebreathing Baptist at, cheering for the fringe by supporting the movie, says:

Perhaps one of the things that upsets some of the high apostles of the religion of evolution (when I say “evolution” I’m referring to the common understanding of it, which includes both materialism and naturalism) is that they let their guard down during interviews for the film, and for the first time many people are seeing some of their attitudes in relative transparency.

   For many years I (and others) have called evolution, materialism and naturalism a religion. After all, not only does it require at least as much faith to believe in, once you understand how impossible is the whole scenario, but many of it’s adherents cling to it with a fervor that would make some Baptists look like slackers.

One of the comments, posted by someone named Richard, as follows:

Bob, I’m not sure you really understand what evolution is. It is NOT an explanation of creation. It does NOT say “there is no Creator”: scientists are still trying to work out how life started, so we’ll get back to you on that one.

   It IS the way that life develops and changes from one species to the next. It explains why preferential genes in one generation are passed onto the next, eventually leading to the development of distinct species in different environments. Do you understand why this is an important difference?

   I have one other question for you actually. You say that everything was created in 6 days, in accordance to the Bible, and yet earlier you mentioned that no-one was around when the dinosaurs died out, so how can anyone really know what happened back then?

   That doesn’t make sense to me. Are you a Creationist or not? Are you saying dinosaurs died out before man evolved? Or are you saying God created everything in six days? Or are you saying dinosaurs never existed, they’re just lies planted by God to fool us for… some reason that eludes me? Consistency, please. Unless that’s too much to ask.

Bob responded. This response is such a perfect example of wingnut thinking I decided to immortalize it here:

Bob said:

Richard, I understand exactly what evolution is, and I understand that there are variations of it which include “theistic evolution” which tries to marry traditional atheistic evolution to a belief in God. However, that is not the dominant meaning when evolution is discussed. The dominant one takes place in a universe where there is no God, and in examining origins, the question must go all the way back to how life originated in the first place, and in answering THAT question you have to ultimately go back to how the universe came to be in the first place. You cannot really compartmentalize the questions.

Why would you say that? It is you who hold this view and it is not only not ‘dominant’ in the scientific community, it is not ‘there’. You erected this strawman and are busy lighting him on fire while the rest of us look on in amazement.

No. Evolution is, to quote some famous scientist or another, only “On the origin of species.”

It states only that speciation is a result of mutation and natural selection. Nothing else.

Nope. Not that. Nope not that either. Nope nope nope. None of those. Only speciation. And nothing about god. Nothing.

If you don’t like naturalism, rail away sir. If you don’t like science, well, sorry. Don’t read.

Bob continues:

We know God created the universe in six days because that’s what God told Moses; it’s written in the book of Genesis. No human was there, until Adam and Eve on Day Six, and there is no surviving written record of creation earlier than the account written by Moses. But God was there, and I don’t think He has any reason to lie or mislead about it. And since not a single thing in the Bible has been proved false, I think it’s safe to believe what it says about creation.

What about the prophecy of Tyre? What about genesis and the flood?
Er, what about the exodus?

Anyway, that’s an assertion that, given interest from Bob, I would challenge on the basis of it’s basic wingntuttery.

But that aside, Bob goes on to say,

The dinosaurs were around at the same time as man, created only one day before humans. They likely died out after the global flood. There are indications from the Bible and from geological observations that the climate of the earth is very different now than it was in the early years after creation. They likely were unable to survive in the cooler, drier climate post-flood.

Er, there is no geological observation for the early years after creation. If you were to accept that there were, you would have to accept that there is validity to geological observations which universally indicate a planet that is over four and a half billion years old.

And, um, how the hell can anyone hold the belief that Dinos and people lived together? Ahhh. Right. Be a wingnut. Bob explains as he concludes his reply to Richard:

I know you’re too closed-minded to even consider this, but you asked, so here’s your answer.

Thanks for proving the obtuseness of the evolutionary mindset which Expelled points to. Yours and most of the comments here just continue to illustrate the accuracy of Stein’s film.

Wonderful answer Bob. I know that I am likely blinded by evolutionary dogma but I think you are a victim of something called Morton’s Demon.

What a crazy cool example you offer.

Who said that ev'ry wish would be heard and answered
When wished on the morning star
Somebody thought of that, and someone believed it
Look what it's done so far

The Daily Wingnut

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