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In 1979, I originator the mathematical analysis that shows that the production of and alterations in the behavior of any natural-system are intelligently designed. My analysis (the GID-model, GID) is not related, in method, to the inadequate mostly insignificant and highly criticized Johnson-Dembski-Behe theory (RID) as championed by members of the Discovery Institute.

E = mc2 is Not Einstein’s Discovery
Robert A. Herrmann
(9 SEPT 2000. Revised 1 JAN 2004)

"The facts are, that I have never seen a rigorous single and exact proof that E = mc2
is a universal law for all possible scenarios. However, Einstein’s 1905 proof is in error
and this is not due to the fact that a first ordered approximation is used."

7. Final E = mc2 Remarks
Poincar´e, Hasen¨ohrl, and Planck are not the only individuals that have a certain
priority relative to E = mMc2. According to Professor Umberto Bartocci, Olinto De Pretto
published the expression E = mc2 in the science magazine (2) in 1903.

There is no doubt in my mind that Einstein
would have known of the last Hasen¨ohrl paper since it appeared in the principle journal
that Einstein used six months later to publish his own (1905) derivation.


My observations:

E = N minus C2


Remainder = N (last) minus I (first)


Remainder = N (end) minus I (beginning)


5 = 14 minus 9  (The first will be last)

The kingdom of heaven is NI


360  miracles and more at:

Great news. God’s wife is pregnant! (Rev. 12:5)

It's not over till the fat lady sings! (Isa. 54:1 & Zec 9:9)

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