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(Permalink) Posted: April 10 2008,10:06   

Quote (Arden Chatfield @ April 10 2008,09:59)
Teach the controversy!

IDC: "There are no transitional forms!!!"

Science: "Uh, we just found a 92-MYO fossil snake with legs."

IDC: "Uh..... Darwinists are Nazis!!!"

(Found through PZ)

I have already explained this, Arden.
That's exactly what you'd expect if God was trying to test our faith.

No, no, no, no. This is meant to support the faith. Snakes weren't condemned to crawl on their bellies until after The Fall. This is clearly THE SERPENT and the site it was found on must be the Garden of Eden.

You saw it here first, but how long before AFDave brings up this explanation?

It's natural to be curious about our world, but the scientific method is just one theory about how to best understand it.  We live in a democracy, which means we should treat every theory equally. - Steven Colbert, I Am America (and So Can You!)

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