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(Permalink) Posted: Feb. 19 2008,16:34   

Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ Feb. 19 2008,17:02)

WHAT THE FUCK??!! Get out. Pack your shit and get the FUCK out of here. YOU are DEAD to me. DEAD. How could you DO this to me? After all I've sacrificed. Oh God, Jesus, where did I go wrong? What have I done...{weeps}....

Excellent. I'd give that a A-.

The correct answer to question 1) should have included "Is the car ok son? You sure that Ferrari isn't more your style?" and the answer to 4) should have included a series of tips on future non-existant parties and which dealers to score the best gear from. Keys to the liquor cabinet/a delivery of booze would score bonus points.

Extra credit was also available on the final question for pulling a DaveTard-I'm-Scared-Of-Clowns-And-Actors style rant and threatening your now disowned loinal fruit with dogs/guns/chainsaws should his presence put your portal into penumbra once more.

Otherwise perfect. I shall be telegraphing these answers to your children forthwith. I apologise in advance for any and all repercussions.


P.S. Depending on severity of damage to domecile/car etc mild disapproval and ruffling of the hair can be appropriate. A severe arse kicking may only be applied in severe cases of damage to important items; porn stash, weed stash etc.


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