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Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ Feb. 19 2008,01:32)
Quote (Bob O'H @ Feb. 18 2008,13:47)
It's rather disturbing to discover hold old some of you are (especially RB).

You know, I find that disturbing too. I was 38 about a million years ago. But it only took 6 months to get from there to here.

One thing I find deeply pleasing about getting older is discovering how right my father is about so many issues. (Cue Mark Twain quote). I'm actually serious, it seems the wonderful old bastard actually knows what he's talking about most of the time. Frankly if you'd told me that when I was 13 I'd have looked at you with withering, youthful scorn and sneered in what I then thought was an impression of worldly cynicism.

Another pleasure of aging is discovering how wrong my father is about so many issues (cue Philip Larkin poem). I'm actually serious, it seems the wonderful old bastard is actually clueless about a remarkable number of things close to my heart (like science for example). Frankly if you'd told me that when I was 13 I'd have told you to fuck off for being rude about my lovely father whilst struggling not to agree wholeheartedly.

As Bill mentions, I've also noticed the time dilation/contraction effect of aging. Coupled with increasing admiration for my old man, and increasing scepticism about some topics, I've definitely noticed that these modern years are much shorter than they used to be. Why when I was twenty a year was 12 months long, now i'm thirty three a year seems to be about a week. Someone somewhere has to pay for this travesty! The thing that worries me is I suspect it's me.

And on that aged note, I shall wish Bob a Happy Hangover. May your liver regenerate rapidly and your kidneys excrete large quantities of acetaldehyde. Drink plenty of water, some liver salts (I recommend Andrews. The Alka Sletzer/Andrews combo in a pint of water is spectacularly effective. And if you're really suffering ditch the Alka Seltzer and substitute your favourite brand of ibuprofen/codeine combo. Remember, if seriously fucked paracetomol and caffeine can [cautiously] be added to the mix for that added zing. If really really seriously fucked stay with the liver salts and substitute a decent dose of Night Nurse. Take a few days off work afterwards. That stuff is lethal) and do nothing strenuous for a couple of days.

Of course there is the harsher alternative: GoGo juice. Take two raw eggs, half a bottle of Tabasco, 2 tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce, a pinch of celery salt, a large brandy, two large vodkas, some tomato juice (100 ml should do it, we want thick and nasty not thin and drinkable), two Extra Strong mints and a solid grinding of black pepper. Insert into blender, blend, drink, do six laps of the house screaming. You will now be cured. It's painful, but very very effective. Never ever EVER take GoGo juice (or my ex-rugby club's preferred variant Power GoGo juice, the recipe for which contains ingredients actually illegal in most civilised nations) lightly. It must only be used in the most serious of circumstances. You have my sympathy.



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