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(Permalink) Posted: Feb. 18 2008,03:01   

Birthdays? Again? Will you people just stop getting older please? My body, the sad "follow the herd" loser that it is, cannot resist the peer pressue you're all putting it under and keeps aging, just so it can be with the cool bodies. Darn you all, darn you all to heck!

Oh I suppose I should wish Bob a Happy Birthday, frankly I don't know why I bother, as an atheist on a daily basis I obviously don't care about Bob or his birthday. In fact I'm just waiting in the wings with a sharpened copy of "On the Origin of Species" ready to bludgeon/stab you all to death for a shiny object you're carrying because I loves it and it is my precious.

So with that in mind: Happy Birthday Bob, have a beer and a smile on me!



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