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Earlier in this wildlife thread, I mentioned that I rarely carry my camera out back with me.  This morning was one such occasion I wish I did.  Oh, well. But what happened does raise an interesting animal behavior question that I thought someone here might be able to answer.

I have three large dogs, who accompany me out to the barn in the morning when I throw hay to the horses.  They usually explore the properties to the north or west of me while I go about my morning chores.  This morning was no exception. However, one of my dogs (who is scared of everything) came running back barking her fool head off, with her dorsal hair standing straight up.  That generally isn't a good sign.  So I ran in the direction she came from and, after crossing onto my neighbors property, found my other two dogs facing off with two coyotes.

Now this is where it gets strange.  Very quickly, the coyotes caught sight of me and ran off, with my dogs in pursuit.  But from what I saw of the "incident" and the subsequent chase, there was no signs of aggressiveness in either my dogs or the coyotes.  My Aussie was barking alot, but there was no growling or teeth being bared.  If I didn't know they were coyotes, I would have sworn it was two pairs of friendly, but unfamiliar dogs, checking each other out.  Is that even possible or am I over-analyzing what I saw?

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