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Quote (Albatrossity2 @ Feb. 12 2008,20:08)
Quote (BWE @ Feb. 12 2008,18:53)
The summer before last, a female Perigrine landed on our fence not three feet outside the kitchen window. I ran to get the camera but when my wife saw our kitten hiding under the wheelbarrow not three feet from the perigrine I had to change course and chase her away. Too bad on that one.

A peregrine is probably not much of a threat to your cat; they generally eat birds, and they generally have to knock them out of the sky. They rarely take prey from the ground; unless your cat develops wings, it's probably safe!

Of course, it can be tough to convince the cat about that...

I'm aware that they are suppose to eat birds, but I wasn't sure if the peregrine knew that. She landed on the fence in order to inspect the kitten (now a cat).

She was easily 3 times the size of the kitten.

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