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Well, I'm spending part of winter in a suburb on the outskirts of Madrid, and have recently had the time to start exploring some of the empty country that's barely within walking distance (littered with construction cranes building new flats, unfortunately).

Nothing interesting for a european birder, but ... (eurasian) goldfinch, black redstart, stonechat, crested lark, grey partridge (one, and it's a bit out of place), robin, chiffchaff, spotless starling, white wagtail, (eurasian) kestrel, hen harrier, and for Wesley ...

a peregrine wearing jesses and bells.  The guy flying it spoke no english, and my spanish sucks, but he had another peregrine hooded in the back of his SUV, and gradually got me to understand that it was the mother of the bird-of-the-year he was training.  And that it was from the US.  And previously owned by some famous animal trainer I've never heard of.  And was in some famous movie whose title in spanish doesn't ring a bell.  He flies his peregrine at the airport, part of the scare-the-birds regime there.  The kid was beautiful, a very nice rich brown.

Apparently I can take a bus this weekend to a place where seeing griffon is quite likely, with spanish imperial eagle a possibility, too.

When here last summer I managed to see a bunch of other species, including a golden eagle in the picos de europa.

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