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Saw a big flock (50-60) of red winged blackbirds the other day, right on the front lawn.  Off the top of my head, from my yard I've seen blue jays, blue birds, robins, European starlings, mockingbirds, catbirds, wood thrushes (I'm a little iffy on that ID, so many birds look kind of similar but the call seemed to match), cardinals, Carolina chickadees, laughing gulls, mourning doves, rock pigeons, red headed woodpeckers, yellow shafted northern flickers, pileated woodpeckers, grackles, crows, turkey buzzards, and the odd ruby throated hummingbird.

I spent a lot of time two summers ago watching birds in the yard and keeping a list.  Alas, when my hard drive took the Big Dirt Nap, that file was one of the ones that was scrambled beyond all retrieval.

I'd been thinking about starting again, since the blackbirds passed by.

Stray cats, squirrels, etc.

Last summer I accidentally ran over a juvenile rat snake with the tractor mower, decapitating it.

We also have fire ants (and I think some other kind of nasty biting/stinging ant which leaves a big welt - one got me last year).

That's not a complete inventory, but what sticks out.

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