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Not to flog my own log (well, actually totally to flog my own log, but whatever), but if anyone is interested, this is my definitive Best of the Birds album. They're not all great (but hey, most are!), but they are each the best I've taken so far of each species, and I replace shots with better shots as I get them. The album is publicly visible, and you don't need a G+ account to see them. I don't really use G+ anymore, but I do like the album format.

I've added a bunch of new species and better shots of a bunch more species already on my life-list lately.

ETA Ferinstinses, this Wood Stork

and several shots of this here Bald Eagle

Several shots of Northern Harriers

A shitty shot of a Peregrine Falcon on a shitty day

A cute little Eastern Phoebe

An American Redstart

And some others.

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