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Quote (Freddie @ Aug. 27 2012,06:04)
A few more I took in Castle Rock State Park, Santa Clara.  The big birds are Turkey Vultures, I believe.  The top of the park is at about 2,400 feet so I was able to get photo's of them climbing and soaring.  The first butterfly is from the same park, the second is from a different park about 20 miles to the South which is mostly grassland at about 2,000 feet up, it is parked on top of a grain of grass.

I tried to save them at a relatively small filesize - hope it doesn't slow the page loading time down too much!

Lovely shots Freddie!

The first butterfly is a Checkerspot and looks like the Bay Checkerspot ( Euphydryas editha bayensisto) me. It's a checkerspot found around San Francisco Bay area, which could easily come down to Santa Clara.

The second butterfly is definitely from the Hesperiidae family, which includes all the skippers. However, I can't ID this particular individual. Looks similar to a Fiery to me, but I'm not positive on that.

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