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Very late in the year for brandt's cormorant to be feeding chicks, yet here they are.  Shot at the Coast Guard pier in Monterey.  This colony's full of courtship and nesting behavior earlier in the spring.  I shot this last week, these were the only chicks left at the colony (lots of juvies, of course, and a few of those still begging for food, mostly unsuccessfully).

Shot with my 300/4, no extender, to give you some idea of how close the colony is to the fence that bars entry to the jetty ...

This also shows the great dynamic range modern digital sensors give you.  On slide film, either the black corm body would be blocked up or the shit white (yes, that's why it's white) would be blown out.  As originally rendered same with the digital capture, but I shot it in RAW format so was able to reduce the dynamic range to the point where there's detail in both the black body and shit white rock.

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