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Quote (Erasmus @ FCD,Aug. 14 2012,09:32)
How'd you narrow that down?  Sure does look like a female of that species but the amber color in the wingtips was confusing, the ones i see are usually darker (black, even).

"immature" you mean teneral? When a dragonfly emerges from the nymphal exuvia, it will never be any more "mature" LOL

I found a couple of sites on the variations of Odonata and just went through the pics. And yes, the term "immature" is inaccurate (sorry 'bout that) - it should be teneral. The sites I read noted that some colors will be much lighter right after teneral and will become darker over time. Perhaps the amber color on the wingtips will become darker over time, but the other characteristics of the female Great Blue seem to match up with my pic.

ETA: Here's a pic someone else notes as a female Great Blue Skimmer that seems to show much more amber/brown wingtips than black:

Seems like a match to what I shot.

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