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Quote (Erasmus, FCD @ Aug. 13 2012,11:12)
Quote (Robin @ Aug. 13 2012,09:24)
Quote (Erasmus @ FCD,Aug. 13 2012,08:15)
first dragonfly has the look of an emerald but I can't place it...

that second, green, dragonfly appears to be an Eastern Pondhawk female (Erythemis simplicollis), beautiful beast aint it?

Thanks Erasmus! Not sure how I missed the Pondhawk, but yes, that's the female! I'll keep working on the other one as I'm sure it's in one of the reference manuals I have.

It's always fun to watch that species, even though it's rather common and widespread.  The females not only look but also behave quite differently.

I believe the first one is a Libellulid but I'm not sure which.  It's a slightly oblique angle but I think I can see the boot in the hindwing cells

Yeah, I really like watching the pondhawks...that are spectacular.

We had a neat outting yesterday in Occoquan. There's a dried up flood pond in the park that had a bunch of dragonflies and butterflies. This one dragonfly - a Great Blue Skimmer I think - kept flying over to us on this dock and just hovering about 2 feet from us for a few seconds and then it would just float off. I tried to get a shot of it just hovering there, but it was just too quick and didn't come back to the same spot each time.

And thanks for the help IDing these guys. It's always nice to get a little info on the things I've been seeing.

we IDists rule in design for the flagellum and cilium largely because they do look designed.  Bilbo

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