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Schroedinger's Dog

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(Permalink) Posted: April 23 2012,10:19   

Quote (Lou FCD @ April 23 2012,13:28)
A couple of thoughts:

1. It's incredibly cool that Ali found this cool.

2. It's sad that you have to add the caveat that the ruler is in cm. When the fuck is Amurka going to pull its head out of its dark-aged ass?

3. I love that you used a smoke for scale.

4. Shit, down here in Dixie we have roaches that are rumored to carry off small children in the night. What you got right there is itty bitty, son.

ETA: Now, if the roach was smoking that cig at the time, I'd be impressed.

Ok, I need to make a point-by-point for lulzies:

1. Ali is very passionate about science, zoology and enthomology. It's quite impossible for her to sqirm at anything (except earthworms and centipedes, for a reason).

2. I've heard of a certain space probe that failed because of this...

3. I would have used one of my condoms, but all of them made the roach look very, very tiny.

4. Already lulzed on that. I remember bad ass roaches when I was staying in Florida. Still, by southern France standard, little Timmy is still an abomination.

Ogre: would love to visit. One of my guitarists lives in Houston now and I have an open invitation. If it ever gets done, I'll let you know (for beers and food and stuff...)

ETA: I will donate the specimen to my city's natural history museum. I'd be curious to see if there has been any significant variations between the African and French varieties...

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