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Quote (Lou FCD @ Mar. 13 2012,22:32)
Y'know, I'm looking at your shot of the Kestrel, and it's a bit noisy. If you're using Lightroom to process them, there is a tool for Luminance Noise Reduction that might help smooth some of that out.

I'm not using Lightroom, but whatever Nikon ships with their cameras (ViewNX 2  I think). I know that I get a lot of noise in my shots and I have a vague understanding of what the "noise" is in my shots, but not enough to know how to reduce it, either shooting or in post-production.

ETA: Oops...the Nikon software us Capture NX2, not ViewNX 2 (though View comes with the package as well). It does not have a good noise reduction module on it, so I'll have to look into a separate one.

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