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Quote (Lou FCD @ Jan. 29 2012,16:40)
Yep, Robin, what they said. Really nice improvement in the shots, too!

(ETA: One more thing - if you're looking up at a bird, and the only background you can finagle is a shitty gray overcast sky, just don't even bother. There's little you can do with it. Sometimes I'll take the shot anyway, but really only if it's a bird I don't already have on the life-list. Otherwise, it's not even worth deleting.)

subkumquat, those are some pretty sweet shots. The tern looks like a Royal to me, but don't try to take that to the bank. Where'd you shoot him?

Thanks Lou!

Yeah, I'm think I'm going to take your, Alby's, et al's advice and stop shooting grey-day/background birds. They just don't work for me. I'll work on shooting during sunny days instead. Though, as you noted, I'll still lug my camera everywhere just in case.

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