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Quote (Wolfhound @ April 08 2010,07:35)
Quote (Wesley R. Elsberry @ April 08 2010,07:04)
Suggestions for place? I am currently living in Clearwater and working in downtown St. Petersburg. I am working on moving into a house in Palmetto (Manatee County). Where are others, and do we have suggestions for a place to meet and eat?

(BTW, Wolfhound, one of my new neighbors talked about how in our area a couple of unauthorized wanderers coming down a long driveway had been encouraged to take their walk elsewhere -- at gunpoint. Taking a wrong turn down there isn't great for one's health, apparently.)

I'll dig around and see what's popular.  If you were closer to Tampa proper, I'd suggest Four Green Fields, one of most favoritist places ever.  Good food, good drinks, owned and run by Irishmen so they don't scrimp on the alochol, either.  Decor is Olde World Bar Fight (some of the wicker chairs look as though they've been used to smash a few heads).

Why am I not surprised by the "move along, stranger" story?  That was a somewhat common scenario in Brooksville, too.  My farrier, who lived just up the road from me, was a gun-totin', tree-huggin' liberal atheist and said he'd run some riff-raff off once in a while.  Yeeee-HAW!  (He also tried to "humanely" kill a chicken-eating possum I'd trapped but that's a horror story for another day)

Wow, there's some serious spelling and grammar fail in my post.  *goes to get coffee*

I've found my personality to be an effective form of birth control.

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