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Quote (Dr.GH @ July 02 2008,17:52)
great photos. Tell us the camera and lens details.  

I have had a Nuttels woodpecker visiting for 2 days now which is very fun.  They are rare here, and then mostly winter migrants. Climate change?

The sharpshinned hawk is still around too.

Thanks. That dickcissel in the picture was a bird we just banded, and my daughter was holding him. You can't see her hands, but that allowed me to use a very sharp lens (Canon 100 mm macro) on a Canon EOS 30D body.

I'd love to get a good pic of a Nuttall's Woodpecker. When I lived in California I didn't have the equipment to do that, and now that I do, I find that those birds don't make it to the Great Plains very often...

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