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(Permalink) Posted: June 16 2008,18:57   

had an upclose look at a bottlenose dolphin on sunday.
he/she came up right at the stern of the boat and between the starboard gunnel and the outboard.
it would surface (inhale/exhale rapidly) and then drop down to about a 2 foot depth and remain practically motionless, letting the boat's pressure wave drag it along.
the fact that there was a stainless propeller spinning at 1200rmp 18 inches from it's head didn't seem to phase it a bit.  
it was close enought that you could have leaned over the transom and stuck a finger in it's blowhole if you'd been so foolishly inclined.
it hung with us for about a mile and then scooted off....

i've seen a lot of dolphin but never one that close to the boat.

we also managed a close encounter with 5 spotted sea trout and 4 redfish earlier in the day.
the redfish are only moments away from meeting a skillet.  blackened redfish.  :)

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