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The woodpeckers are not shy this morning.  In the last hour or so, I've heard through my window the calls of a Red Bellied, a Northern Flicker, and a Pileated.

I listened to the Plileated pecking for a while, matched the sound on the Cornell Ornithology site, then got out the 10X50s and crept to the window for a look.  I located the general area way up on a pine tree along the back tree line, but he was behind a bough and all I could get was little pieces of him.  Then a little flash of movement caught my eye just to the left, so I moved the field of view a little to see what it was.

There on the trunk of an adjacent tree was a perfect shadow of him in the morning sun, and I watched him pecking around for a little while, in shadow.  I really wish I had a nice long-lens SLR.  The shot would have been beautiful.

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