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Quote (nuytsia @ May 10 2008,23:34)
Quote (stevestory @ May 10 2008,08:58)
Quote (Lou FCD @ May 10 2008,17:48)
That is an amazing shot.

It's less amazing if it's a telephoto lens, but the blurry leaves in the background suggest it might not be such a thing. Impressive.

(also, lovely plumage ;-) )

Well speaking as someone who has a telephoto lens (not a swanky one, mind) I'd be bloody chuffed with that shot. :p

That's a great shot and a gorgeous bird.


The lens is a 100-400 mm telephoto zoom (Canon). To most folks, that upper end (400 mm, or about 8X in telescope terminology) seems plenty powerful enough for shots of small birds. But it's not; warbler-size birds have to get really close (4-5 m) before you can get a decent shot. And they don't get that close very often... People who do small bird photography for a living often use a 500 mm lens and a 1.4 tele-extender to get an effective focal length of 700 mm. The rest of us just have to wait for the odd bird to pop up close enough.

So yeah, I was bloody chuffed when I got home and saw those pics on my computer screen. Thank goodness for (nearly) instant gratification!

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