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Well, I have had some other sphinx moths today, mostly white lined.  The most cool visitor was a downey woodpecker.  If you are in an area where they are common, they might not be a big deal.  Here they are rare so I get a kick out of seeing them.

The english sparrows have wiped-out the mourning cloak caterpillars.  We had several painted lady butterflies this morning.  I watched a 12 spot lady beetle emerge.  Sorry I forgot pictures (I tried on the woodpecker, but they were cummy).

I went fishing at Santa Catalina Island today (about 10 species of fish cuaght) and saw quite a number of gulls, terns, cormerants, shearwaters, pelicans etc...  Also a bald eagle. Sea Lions were all over the place as usual. Just outside Dana Point harbor we saw a blue whale.

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