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Quote (Erasmus @ FCD,April 20 2008,15:20)
I am up to 114 morels this year.  I got fresh wild asparagus and poke sallet again thursday and we had pasta.  Friday we took about 30 giant yeller ones like you got there and Sweet Thing made a chip dip with sauteed mushrooms and i don't know what all, fake crab meat, artichoke hearts, who knows. yum.

my neighbor just walked across the street and said do you know what this thing is?  it was a giant yellow.  he didn't know what it was.  i'm going to see if there are any more.

But this can't be true. FtK says that you have no morals :D

We probably harvested 70-80 morels this morning; it is just the first day here, as far as I can tell (previous trips to the same spots yielded zilch). So I am looking forward to lots more, if I can get away from work over the next few days.

We also found lots of the false morels (Gyromitra sp.), like this one

We're not going to eat those...

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