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I live in a rural area and my winter bird feeders usually have:
eastern nuthatch
eastern chickadee
junkos (who the hell names these things, anyway?)
hairy woodpecker
golden fronted woodpecker
mourning dove
boat tailed grackle
carolina sparrow
grey squirrels, one of which was a rehab and is still pretty tame.
a couple of optomistic but seldom lucky cats, mine and a neighbor's.
and some other stuff that slips my mind at the moment.

My feeders are made from small, galvenized garbage cans and hold someting like 15# of black oil seed each.

Beyond the feeders, I'm not all that intense a bird watcher. This time of year, I'm usually herping, and later on it'll be bug watching. Having finally gotten a decent camera, I hope to finally get some photos worth keeping.

I have a house (of sorts) 'possum that visits through the cat flap and hustles handouts. He's also a damned good mouser.


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