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(Permalink) Posted: April 17 2008,15:39   

Quote (J-Dog @ April 17 2008,14:42)
Hey - I just got a PM from FTK!  

She and her kids would like to know just exactly where those birds are located, and where the biggest concentration of prey , easy targets, birds might be located.*

* Just kidding, in case FTK gets outraged.  They don't need to know where the birds are located, they'll just call in an air-strike and do some saturation bombing.**

**Really, she didn't PM me.  But it sounds believable, right?

Bad J-Dog! Bad!

FtK's appreciation of the avifauna of Kansas has advanced  significantly in recent weeks.

On a lighter note, here's a story about an Avocet rescue, using a bird dog, from carlsonjok's area (well, not exactly, but it was within 100 miles or so).

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