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Quote (Henry J @ April 14 2008,20:58)
Can deer eat cactus without hurting themselves on the spines? There's a patch of some kind of cactus near the parking lot where I live, and something has taken bites out of some of its flat oval shaped sections. The shape of the missing pieces suggests something with a fairly large mouth, maybe deer sized.


Yeah, I have seen them do it.  Cattle too, even with needles all over their faces.  I saw a photo of a steer with pads stuck to his face.

Coyotes are passionate for prickely pear fruit.  They get terribly spiked up, and even get diarrhea from the amount of fruit they eat- scat that are merely purple stained mucus and opuntia seeds.  

We have junkies, so I see there is no need to feel superior.

"Science is the horse that pulls the cart of philosophy."


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