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Quote (rhmc @ April 14 2008,15:21)
had a bald eagle soaring over the house friday afternoon.  

setting sun highlighting the white head, white tail, brown wings.

and i hope to view a bunch of seagoing crustaceans this weekend as i've deployed the crabtraps in the estuary.

Baldies are really fun to watch grab fish.  Santa Catalina Island has 4(?) mated pairs.  Last years chicks are quite large and have already learned to hit on the sport fishing boats. We spilf a mackeral so that it stays on the surface and get a good view of the eagles taking the fish.  Last year we got to see an eagle nail a seagull which is the obverse of most of their interactions.  A half dozen or so gulls, or some of the island ravens will often harass an eagle until they are forced to perch.

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